How to Increase sales on eBay? Learn eBay Marketing

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Posted on December 21, 2014 at 10:26 AM

For any product that has been launched till date, the success mantra has been to not only have a great product but also to let people know that you have one. With the world now a global village, in order to increase the footprint of your business, it is important to master techniques that can give you a significant boost in sales.

This agenda can be achieved by learning how to utilize the internet to your advantage. One such great method, which would help you in marketing, is to learn how to use eBay. EBay is one of the best ecommerce sites today that provides free marketing for your products. Because of its presence you can showcase your products to people all over the world. By using the eBay marketing strategy you can make your products internationally renowned.


eBay can be used by both individual and professional sellers. Each product that is listed on eBay has an initial insertion fee and a final value fee once sold. Both the payments of sellers and buyers are protected by PayPal and are hence worry free.

Here are a few tips as to how to increase eBay sales:

• Use the listing software provided by eBay i.e. Seller Manager and Turbo Lister. This will save you a lot of time and assign products to respective categories which will ensure that the products are not lost in incorrect listings.

• Set up an eBay shop. This will increase the credibility of your business and thus increasing sales. An eBay shop provides you with the opportunity to list your merchandise at one place and also allows you to quote a lesser price compared to individual listings. You can also customize your shop to your taste which would set you apart from the competition.

• Offer your buyer with multiple payment options. All buyers need not necessarily have a PayPal account for payment purpose, they can also choose to pay by money order. So keeping your payment options open can help you retain more buyers.

• Give accurate descriptions of your products. No one knows your product better than you. So, a detailed description of your product gives you a better chance for a sale as it assists the buyers in understanding the product better.

• Hold sale auctions to achieve better prices for your items.

• Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in order to capture more buyer views for your products. Applying these techniques will pull your listing to the top hence creating more visibility to buyers when they search for the products you sell. This can be achieved by using simple methods such as:

1. Using keywords (people would use when looking for your product) as the name of your listing.

2. Linking up your eBay listing page with other search engines and shopping sites. This would pull traffic from other pages even when the buyer is not on eBay.

These are the few ways that will help you start selling better on eBay.

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