How to sell a book on Amazon?

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Posted on September 26, 2014 at 03:36 AM

Having trouble with an overflowing bookshelf and not knowing what to do? If the option of donating the books to a public library does not interest you, then the best thing you can do is sell them, considering the fact that you can get back a part of your investment. Not many are aware that books could be sold online through popular websites like Amazon. Also not many are aware of how to sell a book on Amazon. Well here are a few tips for your books to get sold like hot cakes!

Basically Amazon offers two categories which are selling with Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Advantage. Make sure that you pick the category which suits you the most as it vary with the individual’s purpose. In the former, you get to sell it personally (all by yourself) whereas in the latter, all you need to do is ship the books to Amazon and wait to be credited with the cash. In Fulfillment by Amazon you need to get yourself a seller account to keep track of your sales. For used books, this is highly reckoned. For textbooks, you can get back a satisfactory percentage of 80 of the original cost. A commission has to be paid for each sale but the best part is that you get to promote and market your books. Now if you are wondering how to market a book, just read on.

Amazon Book Rankings – ever heard of them? It is mentioned below along with all the details of the book such as number of pages, publishers, ISBN. Usually people don’t notice it, but it matters to a person who is absolutely clueless about the book. Sales Rank Express (the Amazon book rank checker) calculates the number of books which sold higher number of copies than your own, which is nothing but the Amazon book rank of your book. The key to marketing is to get good reviews. The reviews should be from various sources ranging from casual readers to famous renowned authors. Publicizing about the book in your personal blog or site also adds to its promotion.

Living in an era of digital and computerized stuff, though few people still prefer hard copies, many have switched to ebooks. So “how to sell ebooks on Amazon”? To sell ebooks, you have to publish it through Kindle Direct Publishing. Once all the details are filled and the book is published in your respective Kindle bookshelf, it will reach out to millions in one go! Kindle ebooks can be read with ease using a Kindle. In case of not owning a Kindle, the app can be downloaded on to your device to serve the purpose. EBook promotion can be easily done as there are many sites which advertise ebooks for free. Nothing can beat advertisements when it comes to covering mass numbers.

Now you possess enough knowledge to confidently sell your books and ebooks on the top-notch website Amazon! Happy selling!

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