Market Your Business Better By Learning How to Sell Products on Amazon

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Posted on December 21, 2014 at 10:30 AM

In this technologically advanced world there has been a paradigm shift in the style people shop. Shopping which was traditionally done only in stores has now become an online thing. People have grown accustomed to shop for most of the things at the comfort of their home and have them delivered to their doorstep. This saves a lot of time and energy. Yes, if you are penny wise then it also saves you on your gas.

Online shopping is not just an advantage for shoppers but also for sellers. Sellers can earn more profits on their products as they do not have to invest in a brick and mortar store. This enables them to sell items at a competitive price as they do not need to spend money on store maintenance. Apart from the profits the huge advantage of online sales is the availability of the product to people in different places at any given point of time.


Amazon is one such company which is very popular in the sector of ecommerce. Because of its presence in various countries it provides a huge selection of items from different parts of the world. Other than being able to buy stuff you can also sell products on Amazon. Because of its huge client base, selling products on Amazon drastically increases the size of your target audience. It also helps you gain more publicity for your products.

Learning how to sell products on Amazon consists of just three steps. Yes, it is that simple.

1. You need to first make up your mind on what product you would be selling. This is important as some products might need an approval from Amazon to be sold. Ex: fine arts, beauty products, clothing etc. There are categories that don’t need approval too. Ex: Books, electronics etc. There are a number of products you can choose to sell but deciding on what you want to sell beforehand will help you determine the selling plan which suits you best.

2. The next step is to opt for a selling plan offered by Amazon. If you are an individual starting out to tread waters in online sales then you can choose the individual plan which charges you with a petty sum on every sale. This plan works best if you do not know how many products you would be able to sell per month. On the other hand if you are a big retailer and intend to sell a number of products a professional plan may be your best fit. The professional plan also gives you the opportunity to sell products from a larger number of categories than the individual plan.

3. After having selected your plan you need to register and set up and account for yourself.

Once the above steps are completed, you can start selling your products on Amazon. Another benefit of using Amazon is fraud protection. This keeps you safe from fake orders on your products.

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