Apurya Technologies PVT Ltd.
Mobile Application Development

The touch-revolution is what the technology driven world is advancing towards. Our experienced programmers offer expert solutions to develop mobile applications that adhere to the needs of various business verticals.

We help you to design mobile applications across a wide range of platforms, including:

  • Windows – With an in-depth knowledge of Visual Studio IDE, .NET framework and SQL server mobile edition, we can design some of the best Windows apps out there.
  • Blackberry – Trust us to develop applications to enhance the Blackberry experience.
  • Android – Get a plethora of amazing apps designed to suit your needs. We use some of the best methodologies to develop Android apps, giving you Android application development that suits your consumer needs.
  • iOS – We deliver the best, scalable iPhone and iPad applications out there, helping you to leverage the best on your investment.

A decentralized and mobile work environment operates from various points in today’s world to offer robust solutions which grasp your customer’s attention immediately. Mobile applications help to quickly transmit knowledge and relevant data to your customer base easily yet effectively.

Our services of mobile application development include:

  • iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and WM business software and solutions
  • Utilities and related solution for productivity applications
  • Multimedia and games applications
  • Internet application
  • Porting web applications to mobile platform
  • Mobile client software

Relevance of mobile applications today

With the new technologies being regularly invented by scientist, scholars and researchers, we understand which technologies would help your business grow and how you could reach your target audience best along with meeting the ever growing demand of the users. Mobile applications help your company to enter the competitive market with a bang and change the way your customers use and perceive your service; placing you a step ahead of your competitors. The latest technologies in the world of mobile applications that will soon change the way people perceive such applications are:

  • RFID or Radio Frequency Identification – This application will enable mobile payment and mobile e-business.
  • Action Awareness – Pre-set technological operations will help an action recognition technology to respond to the user’s body movements.
  • Multi-touch Technology – The user will be able to perform simultaneous operations with 2 or more fingers at a given point of time.
  • Mobile Browser – Mobile browsing experience will be similar to that of a desktop or laptop and soon the internet will be completely merged with the mobile.
  • Finger Print Identification – This application will increase privacy and security along with the confirmed identity.

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