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Responsive Web Design and Development

With more and more web users turning to their mobile devices to browse through websites and applications, responsive web designs have become a necessity for e-business entities of all types.

Fit in your webpage, to any screen, on any device!

Developers cannot concentrate on one device alone. You need to have webpages that are optimized for every device, for every platform and for an array of devices. Responsive web designs looks just as great and works perfectly on mobile and handheld devices as they do on desktops. The power of CSS ensures that one can access the same content from all types of hardware platforms be it a smart phone, tablet or PC. This approach is known as a ‘responsive web design’ and its major features are:

  • Liquid Layout – Such layouts allow the browser viewport to contract and expand when the size of the browser window changes.
  • Fluid Images – The maximum display width is occupied by setting images in that manner.
  • Media Queries – The capabilities of the display being used, like the resolution, aspect ratio, colour depth and size give way to various style sheets.

So, what do you need a responsive webpage for? Here are the some of the benefits of a responsive web design that we offer:

  • If your website boasts of a responsive design then your size needn’t be resized as visitors can access the website from their favorite device just as on a desktop or PC.
  • A web design which is responsive in nature increases your SEO efforts as one single website is now accessible from various devices. There is no need to create different websites for the mobile and another for desktop.
  • With not many websites making use of responsive designs, your responsive website gets an advantage on your competitors.

Studies reveal that by the end of 2015, 80% of websites would have become responsive to match up with the ever-increasing demand of tablet and mobile phone users. Our expert programmers and website designer’s help you shape the class-apart and unique responsive designs which will help increase traffic on your website and make the same websites easily accessible from various devices.

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